Year over year growth


Best place to work

April 27th | 10:00 am CT

The goal for every business owner is to have high year over year growth, stable profit margins, and be categorized as a "Best Place to Work". 

During this session you will experience concepts from: The Unleash Your Business Blueprint; Jason Forrest's newest concepts for business success that will premiere on May 24th during our live event "Unleash Your Business".

  • Jason will show you how to focus on the process, pattern and strategy to create exponential growth. 
  •  Learn how protect your profit margin during traditionally unstable times of growth.
  •  Understand the difference in spending your day in urgent vs. important tasks.
  •  Learn how to strengthen and protect your culture.




Jason Forrest

As a sales professional, author, speaker, and coach, Jason's job is to empower professionals and executives to unleash their human performance and master their leadership skills in sales, management, culture and service; for the purpose of increasing profit through people.

Jason grew up under the influence of his father who was a business owner and professional salesperson, his mother, a persuasive speaking professor and Zig Ziglar, his Sunday school teacher and world-famous salesperson/motivational speaker. Jason learned how to drive profit through doing rather than observing.

These influences and experiences shaped him into who he is today - a salesperson first, a behavioral change expert, a national speaker and a coach who pushes organizations to become highly profitable while creating a "best place to work" culture.

Mary Adams

Mary is a sales expert, coach and professional moderator. Mary Adams’ background includes online learning, sales, and public speaking. She helps change behavior and transforms the lives of her clients through teaching award-winning programs. Mary teaches at national conferences, seminars, and utilizes online video platforms. She is a leading expert on utilizing online learning systems, and has created content and filmed hundreds of video lessons, for clients. Mary is a monthly contributor of Houston Agent Magazine, Builder Radio Online and Builder and Developer Magazine, where she writes on leadership and sales training topics. She was recently placed on the national, Who’s Who List for the housing industry, for 2015. She has worked with Buena Vista Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures and is currently producing C-Suite TV’s series Run Towards the Roar with Jason Forrest.

About FPG

Forrest Performance Group (FPG) is a global leader and designer of sales training, management training, and corporate training programs. FPG believes that true, permanent change begins at the top, transforms from the inside out, and requires long-term coaching and accountability rather than short-term training. This belief system has led to accolades for FPG, four international awards for the best sales and sales management programs, the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies and Best Place To Work in Fort Worth.